More detailed Census data released, now covering all states
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Mississippi, New Mexico, North Dakota, Rhode Island and Tennessee were in the last batch of detailed census data released last week. The link below takes you to the page where you can get data on your state. New topics and cross-tabs in the 2010 census data include: Single year of age by sex More detail on children, including adopted, stepchildren and grandchildren Race and Hispanic origin of householder More detail on household relationships Group quarters population by sex, age and group quarters type Housing tenure (rented or owned) by age, household type, race and Hispanic origin of householder Mortgage status of owned housing units Counts about previously unreleased race and Hispanic or Latino origin groups are also available, including: American Indian and Alaska Native tribal groupings, such as Cheyenne, Navajo and Yup'ik Asian groups, such as Bangladeshi, Hmong and Pakistani Hispanic origin groups, such as Argentinean, Colombian and Guatemalan Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander groups, such as Fijian, Marshallese and Tongan Geographies Available With today's release, tables are available for states, counties, county subdivisions, places, census tracts, ZIP code tabulation areas, congressional districts for the 111th Congress and, where applicable, American Indian and Alaska Native areas and Hawaiian home lands. For most subjects, statistics for census block groups and blocks are also shown.

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